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Search Engine

In order to get started with any Prefixbox product you will need to first implement Search Analytics module – all of our products learn and continuously improve based on this data, so analytics is a key part of a great search.

To get started with our analytics:

In order to activate the detailed search analytics, there are a few additional JavaScript calls that you need to implement on your site. Details are described here: PREFIXBOX PAGE EVENTS. Based on the detailed Search Analytics, Prefixbox can compute the correct order of the suggestions.

Product Feed URL

To configure the search engine we need a product feed that contains all products that can be purchased on your site.

Please share this on an HTTP or HTTPS URL (public or password protected). We are going to refresh this list by downloading it from this URL multiple times per day.

Product feed format documentation: JSON FEED FORMAT.

API Call

You can call your configured search engine via HTTP GET:

https://**serving5****BoxTracker** &pfbuid=**PrefixboxUserId** &pfbsesid=**PrefixboxSessionId** &ip=**EndUserIPAddress** &pattern=**Term** &format=json&page=**PageNum** &top=**TopNum**&filter=**Filters** &orderby=**OrderField** **OrderDir**

<aside> 💡 NOTE: please make the API domain name ( configurable in case this changes in the future. has 2 data centers hosting configured for increased availability.


The request must contain at least the following two query string parameters:

BTR=BOXTRACKER the tracker of your search engine, you can get it from Prefixbox Portal, or from the Customer Success Manager.
PATTERN=TERM the pattern / search term the user is searching for.

The following query string parameters are optional: