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Related Searches

Related Products and Searches is a product that recommends popular search pairs. The insight it provides is incredibly valuable as it’s based directly on user data and tells you exactly what your webshop’s visitors want to see and how they think.

Related Products usually appear on 0-result pages so users can easily navigate to other products that fit their needs, but can also be configured to appear when results for a query are found.

Related Searches encompasses both search suggestions and product suggestions and can be displayed on search result pages (SERP) and 0-result search pages. When a user searches for a product and results are found, Related Searches places smart keywords above and below the results. For difficult, long tail searches when the search engine cannot display results, Related Searches places keywords and product suggestions (with images) on the 0-results page to help users find products that match their initial intent.

Related Searches mines and refreshes content based on user behavior; since it is continually learning, recommendations are always up to date and improve over time. For example, in the summer, it would learn that “air conditioner” is becoming a more popular search and start to recommend it. In the fall, as searches for “air conditioner” decrease, it would no longer be a recommended search or product.

These product and keyword suggestions help users easily navigate to other products, serve as an effective way to disambiguate user intent, refine searches, and recommend related products.

If you are not ready to replace your entire search engine just yet, this is an easy improvement that yields quick conversion gains and saves shoppers from a bad search experience.

0-Result Page Keyword And Product Suggestions

0-Result Pages are one of the worst experiences users can have on your site, especially when you sell the product they are looking for.

Typically, web stores have a 30% 0-Result Rate, which is high. And we mean really high - 1 in 3 searches won’t display a result at this rate and this often causes customers to leave the site, resulting in missed business opportunities.

When no results are found, Related Searches suggests keywords and products to users so they can refine/reformulate their query in order to find the initial product or another that suits their needs.

The suggested keywords are reformulations of the initial search, which serve as an alternate way to express user intent in case the product users are searching for is listed under a different name or the initial query contained a typo.

Related products are displayed if the search engine fails to find results when attempting to match the query text to product details. The main search engine tries to match queries exactly to products, while related products broaden the search in order to recommend products the user may have intended to search for. For example, if someone searches for “10GB USB stick”, which the shop doesn’t carry, there would be 0 results, but the reformulation would provide alternatives like 5GB USB.

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