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Serp Analytics

Prefixbox provides analytics for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You can see detailed data for popular products, popular searches, 0-result searches, engagement, cart actions, and search term details

Popular product analytics provide insight into the names of popular products, number of page views, clicks, cart events, order events, number of items added to the cart, number of items per order, overall cart value, and overall order value. This information shows you which products are the most popular, so you can keep them in stock and use them to optimize marketing campaigns.

Popular search analytics is similar to popular product analytics, but shows data more closely related to your website. For example, you can check if results appear for all of the most popular searches on your site along with comprehensive data of which search terms yield results and which don’t. In addition, you can see which product position searchers typically click. If people most often click the product listed in the 7th position, you can optimize your SERP page by placing the most popular products at the top of the page. If you use Prefixbox’s search solutions, this will automatically be done by the engine as it ranks products based on an algorithm that accounts for product popularity and relevance for search terms. This is especially useful if you have seasonal products relevant for specific keywords – if so, these will bounce to the top of the SERP quickly when they are in season. You can also see data on clicks/search, number of clicks for specific products, and the clicked position for specific search terms.

0-result analytics shows you which search terms yield no results on your site. This is critical because when results don’t appear for a query, web visitors are likely to take their business elsewhere. Adding synonyms for products that yield no results helps increase conversion rates. In depth data such as the last date a product was found for a term and the last date a term was searched and led to no results is also provided. This data gives insight into how long a 0-result problem has been occurring and helps you figure out why results stopped appearing for a certain term.

Engagement analytics show you how many pages users navigate through per searched term, how many clicks they make per searched term, and the clicked position of the selected products. From this information, you can determine how engaged your website visitors are.

You can find detailed information about what people add to their carts such as: total cart events, total cart values, cart value via search, purchased products, number of items per order, average order value, number of transactions, and revenue. Seeing how much of the total cart value comes from the search box will show you just how important it is to maintain a good search!

Related Searches Analytics

The analytics for Related Searches show you how often people interact with the keyword boxes, how many people click on the suggestions, and how well the suggestions cover searched terms (if there are any at the time of page viewing).

You can also see which related keywords and products are popular amongst your users. Our data shows which keywords and products have the highest click-through rates. Prefixbox’s automations build on this when they calculate the order in which to display keywords and products.

In the analytics portal, you can also get insight into how customers engage with the keyword boxes - the number of times suggestions are shown to a user, number of missed impressions, and the number of times suggestions were clicked.

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