<aside> ⚠️ This article describes the process for the “new” Google Analytics 4. If you are interested in the process for the legacy Universal Analytics, we have a separate article for that.



Measure the Revenue / Conversion gains caused by Prefixbox.


Setting up an AB test where 50% of the users see Prefixbox and 50% don’t see Prefixbox suggestions. The test should run for 7 or 14 days.


1) Prefixbox Team

Set up an AB test on the Prefixbox Portal.

2) Customer

Set up GA tracking of the AB test as described below.

3) Prefixbox Team

Start the AB test and monitor the results.

Google Analytics and GTM Configuration

Introduction - Sticky 1st Party Cookie ****

Prefixbox uses a user-based, 1st party cookie _prefixboxIntegrationVariant which contains the value indicating whether the user is on the A (‘control’) or B (‘treatment’) version of the experiment. This cookie is “sticky,” which means a particular user sees the same version during the entire test period.

Step 1 - User-Defined Variable in GTM